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What Is This?

Not Overthinking is a podcast about happiness, creativity, and the human condition. We talk about things to help us think, do, and be better. Things like social interaction, lifestyle design, mental models...things that are hard to examine, but important to explore. And hopefully, things that make for a fun and interesting chat every week.

Who Are We?

Ali is a junior doctor and YouTuber working in Cambridge, UK. He makes videos about medicine, technology, productivity and lifestyle design. His links: YouTube, Blog, Newsletter, Instagram

Taimur is a data scientist and writer, working on his own startup Causal. He writes on his blog and as a columnist for Medium. His links: Blog, Twitter, Medium, Instagram

Why do we like to be correct?

Why are we scared to put ourselves out there?

The Principles of Productivity

Why do we struggle with consistency?

How to Understand Things

Get In Touch

If you want to get in touch with the podcast you can find us on Twitter or you can send a tweet to one of us on our personal accounts.

If you want to send a message that's longer than 280 characters, you can also email us at ''.