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Motivation, Complaining and Conversationality – A Critique of the Podcast

This episode features Calum, a junior doctor working in Scotland who spent 6 years in medical school living with Ali. Calum has listened to every episode of the podcast so far, and shares some critique about the format.

We begin by considering Calum’s doubts about Ali’s theory around motivation being a myth which leads into a discussion about when we apply motivation and why we don’t apply the same heuristic or feel under the same pressure over visiting friends, for example.

After a brief foray into exploring our random niches and discovering that Taimur has a particular interest in Covent Garden’s London Transport Museum and the London tube network, Calum’s next critique revolves around Ali and Taimur not challenging one another enough about each of their opinion’s during the podcast. The most successful and interesting podcasts, according to Calum, have been when they have taken each other on and, as a result, got much deeper into a topic.

The final section of the podcast explores the Neutral Dispassionate Analysis theory that was discussed in the episode about complaining before we move onto issues of value judgement and conversationality.

The episode ends with a fantastic insight from Calum about the value of time:

“Next time you say 5 minutes, you need to mean 300 seconds”.

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